Henry Ferrera

Henry Ferrera & SOLO Brand have been in business for 21 years. Our company started in Lucca City, Italy. That's where our brand was founded, our line manufactured only in Italy, until the revolution of the EU changed all currency to one Euro zone, and we had to shift our production to China. However, we have kept our styling and quality standard the same.

We are based in New York City, which gives us an advantage by trending with many other designers and brands that are based here. The Tawil family has spent a lifetime expanding this business. By studying the current trends and styles, we have been able to partner up with major department stores and online retailers.

Working with the Henry Ferrera Team is a big door to a Fashion Ave.

We are a reliable, competitive, and design-driven.


We are based in China, around Ningbo and the Wenzhou area, as well as around Donguan Hojei City. We have successfully produced shoes and boots in factories that make production to Zara worldwide, and these factories pass environment certifications to many European and American Brands.